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About Judith

Holistic Psychotherapist

I became a champion of the holistic approach to behavior during my doctoral studies in Behavioral Sciences & Health Education at the UCLA School of Public Health, which was entirely interdisciplinary. I remember my advisor simulating juggling balls to underscore that understanding human behavior requires holding onto multiple perspectives and their interactions simultaneously. My interdisciplinary training enabled me to teach in a myriad of academic departments, such as Psychology, Education, Health and Human Services, and Social Work, which furthered my holistic orientation. My own personal explorations led me to Buddhism, which pulled everything together for me. 
Dr. Judith A. Stein
Divorce Mediator & Holistic Therapist
Ackerman trained
After completing an MSW in Clinical Social Work from NYU and becoming a psychotherapist and divorce mediator, I began to apply this integrated approach to my work with patients and clients, and I haven’t stopped—because it works. Simply put, human behavior is too complex to be reduced to one causal predictor or one therapeutic approach. Everything matters, and everything is connected. 

Roots of a Divorce Mediator

Before I  a divorce mediator, I was as a tenant of a Battery Park apartment building that went on strike following the attacks on September 11th.  I found myself on the tenant's association steering committee, coaching the owner of the management company about communicating more effectively with the tenants, while also coaching my fellow tenants through their emotions, fears, and expectations. After mediating a multi-million dollar dispute between the tenant's association and the management company, the tenants threw me a party, and the management company offered me a job. I felt like I had found my calling.

Eastern Influence

I discovered Buddhism after a therapist friend of mine handed me the book When Things Fall Apart, by Pema Chodron when I was going through an especially difficult time myself. That book singularly altered my outlook on life and was the entry-point for incorporating key Buddhist concepts into my personal and professional worlds. Some of the concepts that I have found most useful when working with patients or clients are:  noticing without judging, sitting with thoughts and emotions without acting on them, and practicing gratefulness, mindfulness, and loving kindness toward oneself and others.


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